David Colwyn

David Colwyn is a pen name of an author who writes thrillers.

After serving in the armed forces he was subsequently employed by the government.

He is the author of the Tony Falcon series of thrillers. Tony Falcon is a former British Army sniper who now works as a freelance assassin.

DRONE - A Tony Falcon Novel by David Colwyn
The terrorists plan to use a drone for a devastating attack in the heart of London.
Only Falcon stands in their way.

Drone - Sample page

CADRE - A Tony Falcon Novel by David Colwyn.
The word 'Cadre' principally refers to committed people within an organization that form the backbone of that organization. Within military circles it is used to describe the group of leaders, officers or NCO's, arround which a unit is formed. Falcon has been targeted by such a group, and they are determined to kill him. (Due for Publication Spring 2012)

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