David Ipswich

David Ipswich is the author of several software manuals including manuals on Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and Zen Cart. He became a lecturer in computer usage whilst working for the Technology Section of a Government Office in 1994, and by 1996 had designed his first website and was working for a Regional Technology Network liaising between universities and technology based businesses.

Over the years he has designed hundreds of websites using all the popular website creation softwares, and has been consulted on the creation and design of many ecommerce sites. He has also helped create several commercial computer games.

His currently available publications include:

Drupal 7 Manual (Book One)
Drupal 7 Modules (Book Two)
Drupal 7 Ubercart eCommerce (Book Three)
Drupal 7 Theme Creation (Book Four)

Joomla 2.5 Manual

Zen Cart 1.3 Step by Step
Zen Cart Manual 1.5 Step by Step
Zen Cart 1.5 Responsive Template Creation

Create Your First Android Game Step By Step
How To Create Your First Website Quickly Cheaply and Easily
Creating a WAMP Server on your Desktop Step by Step


Code Files??

The Drupal 7 Theme Creation Manual mentions code files but the URL provided asks for the creation of a User Account with no files?? is this just a scam to get people to create user accounts?

The files that support the

The files that support the "Drupal 7 Theme Creation" book are accessable on the http://teckt.com/content/drupal-7-theme-creation-files website page but they are not visible unless you are registered and logged in. This prevents access from anyone who has not purchased the book.

You need to:

1. Register on the teckt.com website.
2. Log in
3. Go to http://teckt.com/content/drupal-7-theme-creation-files
4. Click on the "Download Files Here" link